CDC Admits Flu Shot “77% Ineffective”

The Feds issue new warnings about the FLU. The Centers for Disease Control now says the FLU is reaching epidemic levels. Nationwide, nearly 3 thousand people hospitalized with influenza. For more on this report, we turn it over to Gary Franchi.
GARY: That’s right, Midge. The CDC now says the flu is widespread in at least 43 states across the country. More than 90 people dead with the flu in North Carolina alone. Nationwide, at least 26 CHILDREN, died after coming down with the flu. But as is custom with ALL vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies will NOT be held liable for any of these deaths. They have special protection under federal law that says patients are NOT allowed to sue the companies that made those drugs. Of course, we’ve heard the health officials say, this year’s flu shot isn’t working out very well at all. But along with that, they’re also pushing a second drug. The CDC says if you do come down with the flu, there’s a cure. It’s just going to cost more money. Money that will end up profiting pharmaceutical giants, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche. CDC officials are urging doctors to prescribe two specific antiviral medications for any patients who come in with flu symptoms.
Dr Alicia Frye works at the CDC.
SOT 1:02-1:10
Now that the CDC says their recommended FLU shots aren’t working they way they planned, they’re throwing their endorsement behind ANTI-VIRAL medications. It’s also interesting to point out, that even at their best year on record, the CDC says their recommended FLU vaccine never scored higher than a 60 percent effective rate. Midge.

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