Holistic Doctors Being Killed? GcMAF and Nagalase (Vaccines and Autism)

Why are holistic MDs being killed? GcMAF & Nagalase

Doctors Jeff Bradstreet and Nicholas Gonzalez apparently were on to the biochemistry of what was causing autism and many chronic diseases. Their research apparently had zeroed in on a specific set of proteins and enzymes that can cause the human immune system to malfunction. There are fears that these doctors may have been murdered.

Apparently, the European company that manufactured GcMAF had been shut down in July 2015. Also, another coincidence is that many of the dead doctors were visited by U.S. government agency officials in the weeks prior to their deaths.

Nagalase becomes involved with creating cytokine storms after vaccinations, inflammation, and a host of other chronic diseases like Diabetes, Lupus, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis—especially cancer and heart disease. Viewers ought to realize the importance of having a blood test for Vitamin D levels in order to offset not only cancer, but other chronic diseases, especially if one has had vaccinations, especially annual flu shots, in my opinion, since nagalase can be introduced into the body by viruses and injection.

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As always, use this info to gather more info.

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