Gardasil Vaccine Victims and Deaths – Did You Know?

One of Gardasil’s lead researchers, Dr. Diane Harper, MD notes that its use has not even been shown to prevent cervical cancer. Gardasil Developer [Dr. Diane Harper] Claims Vaccine Prevents Abnormal Pap Tests, Not Cervical Cancer Dr. Harper recognizes and discloses Gardasil’s dangers and limitations here and discloses its poor study design here MDs and researchers interviewed and make disturbing observations about Gardasil HPV vaccine and question its benefit HPV vaccination questioned in peer-reviewed journal Infectious Disease and Cancer Link to pdf on Gardasil including disproportionately high number of reports to the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and quotes from MDs and researchers (download for higher quality)
Video launched from 3/17/11. This video was created as a plea to Merck, the FDA and the CDC to take appropriate action and stop all Gardasil vaccination. The evidence of harm caused by the Gardasil vaccine is overwhelming and not worth the questionable benefit. When an unsafe vaccine stays on the market, it erodes public trust and jeopardizes any vaccine program. For more information visit Christina Tarsell’s site that has a comprehensive list of links to documentation, media reports, stories and organizations and ppt presentation on risks and benefits of Gardasil; and search Gardasil victims on youtube. CBS News Is HPV Vaccine Safe? with Sharyl Attkisson Gardasil Primer Dr. Harper, Gardasil researcher, on inappropriate marketing of Gardasil For historical perspective One More Girl documentary: 2 brothers creating a documentary about Gardasil vaccine victims inspired by their little sister’s seizures and other adverse events following Gardasil vaccination A best friend’s view JAMA Editorial “The Risks and Benefits of HPV Vaccine” TX Governor Perry was uninformed when he stated that mandating Gardasil was a “pro-life” position when thousands of girls are having devastating illnesses or even dying after Gardasil vaccination. Info on Merck’s Vioxx For more information visit

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