Vaccine Injury

Benjamin J. Zeller NBC Tolerance Lost Vaccine MASS Hypoxia Ischemia Disease.wmv – 03:00 – Mar 19, 2009 – NBC –

In July 30, 2008 landmark MMR case adjudicated by the United States Vaccine Injury Courts confirms that the vaccine injury courts accept that the MMR vaccination causes ischemia/impaired blood flow and oxygenation to the brain – this is part of the M.A.S.S. and Zeta response as detailed in the Tolerance Lost video series. In the case of Benjamin Zeller, who developed seizures, lost his language, motor, and social skills, young Benjamin ALSO exhibits the same ischemic neurological damages, from vacination, that we also record, with BrainGuardMD, following vaccine induced austism, specific learning disabilities, sudden infant death, and much more… Cause-effect is established. For legal action for vaccine induced MASS Hypoxic Ischemic Disease (autism etc…) please contact the following legal counsel from the Benjamin Zeller case that was successfully litigated in the vaccine injury courts. If vaccinations have caused autism and other clinically “silent” ischemic brain injuries – proof causation is now proveable in court. For legal counsel and action: Contact Beverly L. Vesel and Associates, P.A. 100 West Cypress Creek Road – Suite 965 Fort Lauderdale, Fl., USA, 33309 Telephone: (954) 771-6210 Fax: (954) 771-0434 Email:

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