Mmr vaccine and autism | Mmr vaccine and autism an update of the scientific evidence

Mmr vaccine and autism
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There are side things of the MMR vaccination, even though some of them they are rare there are others that are more common. Here is a guide to some of the opportunities for those examining patients or even for a patient with concerns, although 99 out of 100 will get none of the side effects. If you have any concerns and you are not a therapeutic specialist, see your doctor immediately.

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Mmr vaccine and autism
The analysis beheld at autism rates and MMR vaccination at ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. It showed no increased risk of autism with inoculation at any age. In fact, autism rates were lower in the vaccinated groups. However, this might be because parentages who see early signs of autism were more likely to delay or avoid vaccination, the authors speculate.

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