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Robert DeNiro Pushes Anti-Vaccine Film, Then Backpedals After Backlash

–Robert DeNiro pushes an anti-vaccine film Vaxxed; he then backpedals after backlash to the film On the Bonus Show: Microsoft immediately shuts down their “teen girl” AI, issues with the last name “Null,” the FAA done incident logs, more… Support TDPS by clicking (bookmark it too!) this link before shopping on Amazon: […]

Robert De Niro Pulls ‘Vaxxed’, Anti-Vaccine Documentary, from Tribeca Film Festival

The actor and film festival co-founder is accused of censorship after pulling a controversial documentary ‘Vaxxed’ from the Tribeca Film Festival lineup. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: GOOD MORNING AMERICA’S HOMEPAGE:

Kambô… the frog’s vaccine

Kambô (a secretion extracted from the frog phylomedusa bicolor) has been used in urban contexts as part of a therapeutic practice intended to prevent several sicknesses. The Katukina are a people who make this specialized medicine. Gomes, a shaman who applies the ‘frog’s vaccine’ in individuals, stated that “kambô avoids panema [dirtiness, negative energy], protecting […]

Search for the Polio Vaccine – Full Documentary

Watch more video for Ancient Discoveries: – Civilisation (1969) Full Part 1 to 13 :… – The Ancient Greeks: Crucible of Civilization Full Episode :… – The Roman Empire Full Episode :… – Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire full Episode:…

THE EBOLA DECEPTION Vaccine Agenda Fully Exposed Final Edition FULL DOCUMENTARY

mirrored from red pill revolution. he and others have busted this thing wide open, all credit to them. spread the word people. link to red pills channel items below are copied from his videos description Please share this video and message. This video is a compilation of research and updated information proving the vaccine […]

The Polio Crusade [1]

The USA faces the challenge of polio in the 1950’s. In 1950 33,000 polio cases, 1/2 under 10 were reported. This doco looks at the impact of increasingly devastating outbreaks, infantile paralysis, the quest for a vaccine under Jonas Salk and the development of government quality control. Program centres around Wytheville in the US.

This Is What Whooping Cough Looks Like | The Vaccine War | FRONTLINE

Subscribe: Thanks to widespread vaccination, diseases like whooping cough that once killed thousands of Americans each year have become so rare in the U.S. that most younger doctors have never seen an in-person case. Dr. Cynthia Cristofani’s video archive is one of the few places where you can see what these diseases really look […]

Real Truth Behind Vaccines Full HD Documentary

LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE THX A Generation Lost in Autism According to the National Survey of Children’s Health, one in 91 American children has an autism spectrum disorder. Thirty years ago, it was one in 2,500. Rates of other neurological and immunological disorders affecting children have skyrocketed as well. Today, learning disabilities affect approximately one in […]

The Dirt Vaccine : M. Vaccae

Documentary (Circa 2000 ) outlining the discovery of M. Vaccae, an Immune system regulating bacterium/vaccine discovered by Prof John Stanford and developed in collaboration with Prof Graham Rook. M. Vaccae corrects the immune system, allowing the body to deal with a wide range of immuno related disorders. In this documentary Prof Stanfords research centres around […]

“The Greater Good” — New Documentary on Vaccine Fraud. Leslie Manookian Alex Jones Infowars Darren McBreen The Greater Good freedom of action choice vaccines vaccination sudden death syndrome neurological impairment brain damage dementia autism chronic illness disability disfuncion mercury aluminum nano tech adjuvants shot gardasil cdc fda prescription drugs sick ill science corporate big pharma wall street documentary interview genetics sherry tenpenny […]

THE EBOLA DECEPTION: The Vaccine Agenda Fully Exposed – Final Edition (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Red Pill Revolution: Added info which ties into this agenda: The Global Vaccine Action Plan and the Decade of Vaccines