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Renew Show: S5, E4 – The Vaccination Debate: A Civil Discussion About the Issue

Join us at 9pm eastern time to have a CIVIL discussion about the idea of vaccination. How do you wade through the emotion and propaganda in order to get to the facts? Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – Using Markets to deal with the Vaccine Controversy – […]

Vaccines And Autism Controversy | TNTM

Subscribe to Talk Nerdy To Me Today: Watch More Talk Nerdy to Me Here: HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria speaks with Seth Mnookin, author of “The Panic Virus,” about the vaccine autism controversy and why it continues to persist. HuffPost Science invites you to going the discussion with top scientists covering the […]

Should You Get the HPV Vaccine?

Check out our new website Follow Dr. Mike for new videos! Dr. Mike Evans and the Campaign to Control Cancer are very proud to launch a new video explaining the facts behind the HPV vaccination. “There is a lot of conflicting information out there, we want to present the facts in […]

Rand Paul on Vaccines and Freedom | CNN GOP Debate

Check out Rand Paul’s BRAND NEW WEBSITE here▼ Like Rand Paul on Facebook▼ Follow Rand Paul on Twitter▼ Follow Rand Paul on Instagram▼ Donate to Rand Paul▼ Get Rand Paul Gear▼ A Short Bio on Rand Paul Senator Rand Paul, M.D. is one of the nation’s leading advocates for […]

Clinical Connections – Measles Outbreak and the MMR Vaccine Controversy

More WIN: Research Used in this Episode: Brian Deer’s 2004 Documentary on the controversy: Brian Deer’s website: 1998 BBC Documentary on Dr. Andrew Wakefield “Measles Outbreak Spreads in US After UnVaccinated Woman Visits Disneyland” -The Guardian: “Wakefield’s Article linking MMR Vaccine and Autism was Fraudulent” -The BMJ: Seth Mnookin […]

Controversy Around Massive Swine Flu Vaccination Plan at NY Elementary Schools

Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez discusses the massive swine flu vaccination plan at New York City elementary schools. The city is depending on public school nurses to spearhead its massive swine flu vaccination plan at elementary schools this fall, writes Gonzalez. But the nurses are balking at some aspects of Mayor Bloombergs proposal, including whether […]

The Anti Vaccine PRO Vaccination Guy…The ANSWER to the Controversy about Vaccines I would welcome debate on this issue, since I believe I hold the answer to the vaccination of our children controversy. The real concern is about whom we trust, more than it is about the viability of the vaccinations themselves. The anti-vaccination folks are therefore possibly focusing on the wrong issue, and the pro-vaccination […]

Are Vaccine Mandates Good Or Bad For Public Health? – Debate – Dawn Richardson & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Vaccine Information Forum at UT -Austin Are Vaccine Mandates Good for Public Health? Tuesday Nov. 10, 2009 7pm-9:30 CST – University of Texas – Art Auditorium Sponsors: Libertarian Longhorns, Health Professions Council, Texas College Republicans, UT Objectivism Society, Global Health Project, TAG – Texans For Accountable Government Moderator: Dr. Donna Campbell, Currently she is the […]

Penn Point – Anti Vaccination on Penn and Teller: BULLSHIT! – Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy are Assholes

Penn gives us a preview of an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit that covers Andrew Wakefield and the antivaxxer controversy. BE SOCIAL! Share this video! Never Miss The Point – Subscribe for Free! Penn Point Homepage Twitter Facebook Penn on Twitter ABOUT PENN POINT Penn Point is no ordinary […]

Dr. Rima Laibow MD: “Vaccine Lobby Are Murderous Cowards Who Refuse To Debate Me In Public!”

Please Support The Show – http://DrRimaTruthReports.Com/ Tune in at 8pm GMT Mon – Thurs Contact The Show Email: Twitter: Skype Therichieallenshow (Intro track) “Fiddles McGinty” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 “Open Those Bright Eyes” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under […]

Politicians Stir Up Controversy Over ‘Parent’s Choice’ in Vaccination Debate

SUBSCRIBE to NewsBreaker’s YouTube Channel: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said parents should have a “measure of choice” when it comes to vaccination– a statement on which his office quickly backtracked. Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton also weighed in. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: CHECK OUT our homepage: