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Vaccine Injury

Benjamin J. Zeller NBC Tolerance Lost Vaccine MASS Hypoxia Ischemia Disease.wmv – 03:00 – Mar 19, 2009 – NBC – In July 30, 2008 landmark MMR case adjudicated by the United States Vaccine Injury Courts confirms that the vaccine injury courts accept that the MMR vaccination causes ischemia/impaired blood flow and oxygenation to the […]

Vaxxed From Cover Up to Catastrophe – Vaccine Injuries Autism – Fixed HD AUDIO 2016 Full Movie FREE

Causes of Injuries, Autism, anaphylaxis, even De@th Linked to Vaccinations MMR , DPT , Pubmed-NCBI , Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster, Flu, Polio, Gardasil Vaccination… Robert de Niro says autistic son changed ‘overnight’ after MMR jab as he says he regrets pulling anti-vaccination movie from Tribeca Film Festival – measles mumps rubella vaccine. In 2014, biologist […]

Autism Solutions 5 Case Studies

Introduction webinar to: Five autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) cases who were treated with Precision, Functional and Genomic Medicine. Each case has different primary causalities for ASD despite having similar symptomatic presentations. – Case #1, the ASD symptoms are primarily caused by adverse vaccine reactions (pertussis in DPT). – Case #2, the ASD symptoms are […]

Proof of Vaccine Autism Link – Fox News

Report on the 20 million dollar settlement in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for vaccine induced autism. The government tries to explain away the case by saying vaccines don’t “cause” autism, the just “result” in autism. For more on this story, including coverage by CBS and MSNBC, see

Australia Watch ! Vaccines injured Children In Court

Bought Flu Vaccines Doctor Autism Bees GMO Monsanto GMO’s Gardasil Merck children CDC Hospital Vaccinations usa Australia immunizations US Australia Tony Abbott Facebook Youtube Pharmacy policy Government Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc SA Department of Health Adelaide compulsory Australian babies Baby GENETIC MUTATION Immune System Virus pro-vax trolls MD PHD Measles ADHD Aluminium mercury poisoning Round up […]

“Vaccines DO Cause Autism! Case Closed! Game Over!” (snigger snigger…)

First half of video: Laughing at the ridiculous article Second half of video: Talking about science The article itself: Warning: If you click the link, I am not to be held responsible for any injuries you may sustain from laughing too hard. Remember to rate, share, comment and subscribe

Evidence linking vaccines with autism presented by Marco Arturo

My brilliant fellow national, 12-year-old Marco Arturo, presents the evidence that links vaccines with autism In regards of his accent, Marco Arturo explained: “I’ve received a ton of questions and comments regarding my accent. A ton of them. Some love it, others hate it. Some people think I’m Swedish, others think I’m French, British, Spaniard, […]


THE FOLLOWIN COMMENT WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED BY VACCINETRUTH. Robert Kennedy talks about the cover up regarding vaccines and Autism. In June 2000, a group of top government scientists and health officials gathered for a meeting at the isolated Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Georgia. Convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the meeting […]

Jenny McCarthy talks to CNN on how she cured her sons Autism caused by VACCINATIONS

Jenny McCarthy talks to CNN on how she cured her sons Autism caused by VACCINATIONS. (NaturalNews) The hepatitis B vaccine has been approved for all U.S. infants at birth, but is it really safe? For a “preventative” vaccination, the amount of complications associated with the hepatitis B vaccination are quite shocking. In fact, a number […]

Vaccines and Autism

Lately vaccines have become a victim of their own success. With the rates of many diseases going down worldwide people are starting to believe that vaccines are unnecessary, or in an increasing number of cases, not helpful at all. I’m here to clear up some of these rumors, along with making the case that even […]

The Central Mechanism By Which Vaccines Induce Autism – Dr Russell Blaylock Lecture

Dr. Blaylock speaking at the National Autism Association (NAA). Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development: The Case for a Link to Autism Spectrum Disorders (Extracts; to read the entire paper visit: In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over […]

The MYTH of AUTISM- How a misunderstood Epidemic is destroying our Children

The MYTH of AUTISM- How a misunderstood Epidemic is destroying our Children. Dr. Michael Goldberg Knows What Causes Autism… and It Isn’t Vaccines! THE MYTH OF AUTISM How a Misunderstood Epidemic is Destroying Our Children By Dr. Michael J. Goldberg with Elyse Goldberg. Everyone seems to agree that the United States is currently undergoing an […]

Hear This Well-Vaccines Cause Autism!

This video is in response to Elizabeth Cohen’s comments that Vaccine don’t cause autism. My son Michael was born a healthy baby and regressed into autism after his infant vaccines, that at the time still contained Thimerosal. Michael Angel Martinez, born in 1997. Diagnosis: Severe Autism, Malabsorption Syndrome, Incontinence, Self injurious Behaviors, Selective IgA Deficiency, […]

Autism, No Vaccines No Autism “We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we’ve taken care of over the years, and I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines,” said Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Homefirst’s medical director who founded the practice in 1973. […]