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Guillain-Barré Syndrome: American Academy of Neurology Webinar

The AAN collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop educational materials for health care providers on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). With the widespread outbreak of the Zika virus, there have been reports of an increased number of people who have been infected with Zika virus […]

How Did I Come Out of Guillain–Barré Syndrome | Shruti Jain | TEDxBhilwaraSalon

Shruti through this talk is answering the question of how to reach level of relief and happiness despite suffering from any serious ailment. Packaging Credits – IMPED (Indian Motion Picture Entertainment Destination). In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like […]

Guillain Barre Syndrome

Author, Public Speaker and Advocate Barbra Sonnen-Hernandez’s journey with Guillain Barre Syndrome from the onset to her miraculous recovery and the inspiration she had to write about her traumatic experience explaining the treatments, support, hospital care, doctors, nurses and family love to bring her back to life. Hospitalized for nearly a year and in a […]

USMLE Step 2 CK: Questions 9 to 11 [Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)]

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) describes a collection of clinical syndromes that manifests as an acute inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy with resultant weakness and diminished reflexes. GBS is the most important cause of acute flaccid paralysis. Approximately one third of patients require admission to an intensive care unit (ICU), primarily because of respiratory failure. After discharge, many patients with […]

Guillain-Barré Syndrome and its treatment (AIDP, AMAN, AMSAN, ASAN, Miller Fisher Syndrome, PCB),

This video provides an overview and explanation of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, its investigations and its treatments. It describes how it is caused as an auto-immune process and the recent linkages to Dengue Fever and Zika Virus. The major sub-types are described such as AIDP, AMAN,, AMSAN, ASAN, Miller Fisher Syndrome and PCB. Curative Treatments such as […]

Guillain Barre Syndrome Homoeopathic Cure Dr.Ravi Singh

This video is about Guillain-Barré syndrome a serious health problem that occurs when the body’s defense (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system with a real cured case. This leads to nerve inflammation(demylenation- causing leaking of signals) that causes muscle weakness or paralysis and other symptoms. Although the exact cause of GBS is […]

How Physical Therapy helped me through Guillain-Barre syndrome

Website: Follow on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: happilyeveraftergbs At the age of 26, Less than 3 weeks after giving birth to her first child, Holly was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, called Guillain-Barre syndrome. It started with a pain in her neck and a weakness in her legs, and within 12 hours, […]

Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Signs and symptoms | Biology | Chegg Tutors

Acute illness or infection within the past several weeks. • Absence of deep tendon reflexes. • Burning or pricking feeling. • Symmetrical weakness. • Flaccid paralysis. • Fluctuating blood pressure. • Cardiac dysrhythmias. • Facial weakness. • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia). ———- Biology tutoring on Chegg Tutors Learn about Biology terms like Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Signs and […]

Guillain-Barré syndrome |Neurology|Medicine-animated quick review

Guillain-Barré syndrome is characterized by ascending paralysis, muscle weakness, paresthesias, diplopia, difficulty speaking, dysphagia, labile blood pressure, and the loss of bowel and bladder control. Considerations include continuous assessment and preparation for aggressive airway management. ENGAGE Subscribe to our channel: Leave a comment, thumbs up the video (please!) * learn more : Connect […]