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My Baby Died From Vaccines

My Baby Died From Vaccines Sign up to watch all 7 episodes of “The Truth About Vaccines” for FREE starting Apr. 12: What You Will Learn In This Educational 7-Episode Series: *THE HISTORY OF VACCINES* Vaccination programs are given credit for eradicating some of the most devastating illnesses of the past, but they’re no […]

Vaccine Court

Dr. Bergman explains how all vaccines are now a liability free product as the result of the development of the vaccine court. This means that if you get injured by a vaccine, you will end up in their court under the rules of the vaccine manufacturers. Please, let’s stop this insanity! Dr. Bergman’s Facebook page: […]

Mount Sinai Spotlight: Flu Tips & Postpartum Depression Linked to Gestational Diabetes

In this week’s Mount Sinai Spotlight, Peter Shearer, MD, medical director of the Emergency Department at The Mount Sinai Hospital reviews how to stay healthy this flu season and the importance of annual vaccination. While, Michael Silverman, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, discusses his recent […]

Cure for Type 1 Diabetes may be a Vaccine Your diabetes information station Get involved. Help get this research program off the ground. One of the most promising answers to how to cure Type 1 diabetes. So far the vaccine has performed well in lab tests using mice. A lot of happy formerly diabetic mice are running around. Your support is needed. […]

BCG Vaccine May Reverse Type 1 Diabetes.mp4

ຢາວັກຊິນທີ່ເກົ່າແກ່ທີ່ສຸດອັນນຶ່ງ ປັດຈຸບັນນີ້ ໄດ້ມີການນໍາມາໃຊ້ໃໝ່. ຢາສັກປ້ອງກັນ ພະຍາດ ທີ່ຊື່ວ່າ Bacilus Calmette-Guerin ຫລື BCG ເປັນຢາວັກຊິນ ທີ່ໄດ້ນໍາໃຊ້ ມາໄດ້ 80 ປີ ແລ້ວເພື່ອປິ່ນປົວວັນນະໂຣກ ຫລື ໂຣກປອດແຫ້ງ ແຕ່ມາບັດນີ້ ໄດ້ຖືກຄົ້ນ ພົບວ່າ ເປັນຢາທີ່ມີປະສິດທິຜົນ ໃນການປິ່ນປົວໂຣກເບົາຫວານປະເພດນຶ່ງໄລຍະຍາວ ຊຶ່ງເປັນໂຣກທີ່ມີຜູ້ຄົນເປັນ ໃນຈໍານວ ຫລາຍຂຶ້ນ ຢູ່ທົ່ວໂລກ.


The kids freaked out over Mom having to give herself shots to check her blood sugar levels. Also, William makes the biggest mistake of his life, his sister painted his fingernails! ↓↓↓ More Awesome Links Below! ↓↓↓ FOLLOW OUR PREGNANCY JOURNEY! ⇨ BABY#4 ⇦ DUE: AUGUST 20, 2016 PREGNANCY JOURNEY PLAYLIST: Pregnancy Compilation (Official […]


THE VACCINE AGAINST DIABETES HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED AND THE ENTIRE WORLD IS CELEBRATING THE N Don’t Forget To Subscribe: Thank You, find us on Google+ : dont forget to subscribe hypertension 7 ways to avoid hypertension Swine influenza Top five prevention tips h1n1 virus Choose the right mattress for a […]

CDC Flu Webinar: Protecting People with Chronic Conditions from Influenza/Flu

People with diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and a history of cancer are at increased risk of serious flu complications, including hospitalization and death. In this webinar briefing, CDC and partners American Diabetes Association, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, American Heart Association, WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, and American Cancer Society […]

This Technology Saved Your Life!

We use technology every single day, but how much of that has saved our life? What technology is keeping us safe? Watch More: What If You Were Never Taught Anything? ►►►► Support Life Noggin on Patreon: Follow Us! Click here to see more videos: Life Noggin is a weekly animated […]

Vaccines and Other Things to Avoid to Stay Healthy

Dr. Bergman explains why you should avoid vaccines and other pharmaceutical products to maintain optimal health. At and we strive to educate people on natural solutions to health. is my online video course with 21 videos, 3 manuals and an online forum! for online consults. SUBSCRIBE at CALL TOLL FREE […]

PHARMAC seminar: Paediatrics and immunisation update, 1 of 5: Diabetes in children

Video from the one-day PHARMAC seminar on paediatrics and immunisation update held in Wellington, New Zealand, on 12 September 2016. 1. Diabetes in children – Dr Craig Jefferies 2. Common growth problems in children – Dr Craig Jefferies 3. Paediatric allergy workshop – Dr Shannon Brothers & Dr Simon Hoare 4. Immunisations, including changes to […]

Hamza Yusuf American Muslim Scholar speaking on Vaccines

An Influential American Muslim Scholar speaking on Vaccines, Health, and Prophetic Medicine and giving great advice to medical doctors and anyone who practices medicine, Watch video! “There are unanswered questions about vaccine safety… No one should be threatened by the pursuit of this knowledge.” “I think public health officials have been too quick to dismiss […]