A story about biotechnology Company X…

“… For over 100 years, Company X has developed and produced some of the most toxic chemicals ever made:

– Agent Orange
– Aspartame
– PCBs
– rBGH
– Dioxins
– Pesticides
– Herbicides

DDT was touted as perfectly safe by Company X, yet devastated wildlife populations.

DDT was widely known to be harmful to wildlife and humans in the 50’s but wasn’t banned until 1972 due to pressure from Company X.

In Anniston, Alabama, a Company X plant dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into leaking open-pit landfills and streams for over 40 years. Company X hid their knowledge from the people of Anniston and tens of thousands were poisoned. Morticians wondered why they were burying so many children.

Agent Orange

Company X sold a defoliant called ‘Agent Orange’ to the US military for use in Vietnam. The product shipped to Vietnam contained high levels of dioxin. 400,000 Vietnamese children were later born with congenital malformations.

Agent Orange

Company Y, former subsidiary of Company X, produces aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in most low calorie & diet foods. Aspartame is associated with brain cancer, hair loss, asthma, seizures, weight gain and death. It was approved by the FDA with the knowledge that it is highly toxic.

Brain Lymphoma

A government report in India showed that Company X’s genetically engineered cotton produced a net income that was 5 times less than non-GE cotton. Over 400 farmers committed suicide as a result.

Over 17,000 children – some as young as 6 – support Company X’s subsidiary in India by working in dangerous conditions up to 12 hours each day.

Genetically engineered crops make it possible to spray more of the herbicide glyphosate. The chemical is extremely toxic to plants, soil microbes, wildlife and humans.

GMO Rat Study

In January of 2005, Company X was fined $1.5 million for bribing government officials in Indonesia. No fines were levied for bribing US officials.

Over 1,000 Canadian canola farmers have filed suit against Company X for contaminating their crops. Company X has successfully lobbied for ‘Food Disparagement Laws’. In many states, talking about the hazards of GMOs can result in imprisonment and fines.

An estimated 80% of the GMOs in our food supply originate from Company X.”

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SOURCE: ‘Bad Seed: The truth about our food.’; Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology

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